We, THAI KONOIKE, established in 1982 by KONOIKE CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. in Japan and Thai shareholders.  KONOIKE CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. will mark 150th anniversary in 2021, and THAI KONOIKE will mark 40th anniversary in 2022.  We have a long time experience in Thai construction industry.  We have been playing an important role in developing Thailand by delivering more than 380 projects such as Factories, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings and Hospitals.

Our way of construction management that provides high quality of work within the desired construction period by our excellent engineering skills, and our sincere and prompt responses have got trust and satisfaction from both of Japanese and Thai clients.

Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have plans to build new facilities or have some trouble with your existing facilities. We will serve you to provide the best solutions backed by our long-term experience and quality management system ISO 9001: 2015.

In addition, regarding the increased awareness in the Safety Management and Environmental Impact of construction works, we, as a member of Thai society, will continue to make a great effort to pursue safety work and environmental preservation.

As our company atmosphere, we, THAI KONOIKE are one of the best teamwork construction company since Thai and Japanese staff work together in a "FAMILY-LIKE" atmosphere. Whenever problems or difficulties occur, Thai and Japanese staff get together to tackle them. As our philosophy, we consider our staff is the most important and valuable to provide the best quality of works, therefore, we focus on staff training to improve the ability of each staff. In such company atmosphere, most of our Thai staff continue to work with THAI KONOIKE until their retirement age.

We would highly appreciate your continued support and understanding of our efforts, and we look forward to having an opportunity to serve you.